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Panel Upgrade

Older Panels Can't Handle Today's Demands

We often find that older homes don't have sufficient power available to handle today's increased demand.

Older homes with outdated electrical panels can not handle the electrical needs of todays demand. In the past a 60-amp service was more than enough, but today, power requirements in the home are are much greater.

More than half of the homes today were constructed before the 1970s, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That means more than half were built decades before many of these modern, electronic conveniences even were invented. Most of these older homes possessed no more than 60-amp electrical service. Today, homes should have at least 150 amps.

Fuse boxes were the precursor to the panel box. If an overcurrent or short circuit occurred, a fuse would pop and have to be replaced. This is where problems can occur.

When replacing the blown fuse, especially if it routinely happens, people would replace a 15-amp fuse with a 20- or 30-amp fuse. That creates a massive fire hazard as the wires are not able to handle that much electricity and the heat the current creates. Inserting a coin such as a penny where the blown fuse once was creates the possibilty of an even larger fire hazardas the fuse can never pop, no matter how much electricity surges through it. It leaves the home open to the potential for a fire risk.

Why You Might Need to Upgrade or Replace Your Electrical Panel:

  • Major Renovation or Home Addition
  • Using 60 Amp Electrical Service
  • Using 100 Amp Electrical Service
  • Panel Box is Making a Crackling Sound
  • Fuses Blow Regularly
  • Circuit Breakers Trip Frequently
  • Appliances aren't Running on Full Power
  • Flickering Lights
  • Outlets are Two Prongs (non-grounded)
  • Multiple Extension Cords
  • More Outlets Necessary
  • Need to Add a Sub Panel
  • Require a 240v Circuit
  • Power Surge Arrestor Needed
  • Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) Outlet is Required
  • Homeowners Insurance Requires an Upgrade

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