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Electric Car Chargers

Say Goodbye to an Old Friend

One of our most exciting and innovative initiatives is the installation of home chargers for electric cars. Deker Electric can install the necessary technology for you to charge your electric car right in your own driveway.

Approved for indoor or outdoor use, we can install a 25 foot cable to your existing electrical system. With a range of up to 100 kms per hour of charge*, this new technology not only eliminates the harmful emissions caused by the internal combustion engine, but allows you to say goodbye to your local gas station.

Deker Electric has already installed these units in several locations, and have the expertise and knowledge to put the charger for your electric vehicle right in your garage.




*Certain conditions apply, contact Deker Electric for more details


Say "Goodbye" to ever-increasing gasoline prices.
Say "Hello" to convenient, clean electrical power


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